SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is important marketing as social media. The benefits of SMS marketing makes it a great choice for any kind of business looking to reach more customers.

SMS marketing makes it easy to communicate directly with customers and send out newsletters, coupons, special deals or announcements with just a few clicks.

SMS read rate of 97% within 15 minutes delivery. It doesn’t cost much at all to send a SMS to a customer. Even when sending to a lot of people, the cost is not a problem. It’s generally much more affordable when you compare it to other marketing options. This makes SMS marketing a great choice for all businesses.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

  • Cheap cost marketing communication
  • Effective way of direct communication.
  • People always check their SMS quickly
  • People can instant response
  • It is very helpful to boost up your business & promote your product

We have different Packages and Price for both Corporate and Individuals. Our Pricing also depends on volume of SMS.


Masking SMS is a text message with the sender name in place of number


Non-masking SMS is a text message with the sender number, It means receiver will see a 11-digit number, not sender name.

Location Based SMS

We can send Location Wise SMS All 500m to 50km Radius from your target location.